• Mining

Providing best-possible protection in the worst-possible surroundings

The hazardous nature and typical remoteness of mining operations makes extra vigilance in fire prevention and preparation a ethical, financial and legal necessity.

Mining is a particularly difficult industry when it comes to fire detection and voice alarms. The dusty, wet, and potentially explosive environment presents unique fire and smoke detection challenges; plus, installation and maintenance of detection and voice alarm systems is more demanding due to difficult access, especially in underground tunnels. Traditional smoke and fire detection systems have always struggled to perform in the difficult and hazardous environments in the mining industry: concerns like poor detection, shorter detector life, false alarms, and high levels of maintenance all influence the ongoing costs of mining operations. We overcome these challenges by providing reliable early warning fire detection and voice alarm systems to enable rapid responses – even while operating with low maintenance – in order to reduce costs and safeguard your profitability.

Honeywell Industrial Fire Protection has the necessary combination of experience, knowledge, skills, and technology to balance the complexities and dangers of mining. We provide systems that can be designed, modelled, and installed for the harsh, dirty, dusty, or polluted environments so typical of the mining industry.